Welcome to Mimi's Page

Relaxing in our living room, the noise broke through the drone of the television like a fire alarm in a hotel: What was that noise? We looked at each other and started for the doors. Soon, knowing that it was outside our home, we found the source of the ruckus. There on the front porch she stood looking at us with indigence of a bumped frequent flyer and demanding to be brought inside and fed. Thus the adoption of the Arnette's by Emily Peony, the Cat.

When do you chose what happens in life instead of life selecting you? and Ashley had Liesl for years. I had Preston as well. Our pets saw us through difficult personal changes and often provided the support we could not find in people. Animals are not "things". They are not "people". They are different. They add value to humans in ways that we cannot do for one another. The aloofness of a cat. The unquestioning loyalty of a dog. The objectivity of a turtle.

I know that mouse is here somwhere.We accepted the fact that Mimi had chosen us but we quickly established our terms: a trip to the Vet, her defined space at home and outside exercise only with supervision - this last term was to protect her from the Coyotes. She accepted our terms (in exchange for unlimited turkey) and we settled into a new life.I love to 4 wheel it!

Mimi is a Tortoise Shell Tabby aka "Tortoiby" or domestic short hair. She has the coloring of a tabby and a tortoise shell. She is a people cat. She rarely likes to be alone, always searching out human company, even when she sleeps. She is inquisitive like a - well, like a cat. She loves to investigate anything small and dark. If you open a drawer she will immediately try to jump into it and then behind it and on to the smallest, darkest spot. She is a jumper. We think that her Father may have been a jackrabbit since her back legs are huge thus enabling her Olympic level high-jump capability.

Mimi is pretty smart as well. She learned early on to play 'fetch' with her toy mice and now demands like clock-work to have her early morning romp up and down the halls. If we miss HER schedule, we pay for it the rest of the day with her constant talking.

Wake me up when it's time for bed
Yes, Mimi is part of the Family, an equal member with all the rights and responsibilities. But most important is the Where is that old cat anyway??
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