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Longs Peak
14,259 feet, 4346 meter
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Longs Peak's Diamond with Chasm Lake

Longs Peak standing at 14,259 feet/4346m is the highest mountain in Colorado's Rocky Mountain National Park. It is my base for training.

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I have summited Longs 38 times, most recently in January 2015.

I've clibmed via the Northwest Couloir, Cables (North Face), Lamb's Slide, Loft and Keyhole routes.

There are over 100 routes on Longs, most on the extremely technical Diamond, which is one of the premier rock climbing faces in the world. However two routes dominate most of the traffic: the Keyhole route and at a distant second, the Loft route.

What makes Longs so special is the opportunity to gain over a mile in vertical altitude and experience a wide variety of conditions.

I summited Longs Peak on June, 2013 for the 32nd time. Climbed up via the Keyhole route and descended using the Loft route. It was spring weather with winter climbing conditions above 12,000'.

This 12 minute video takes you through the climb from start to finish: 10 hours, 5500' gain, 14 miles roundtrip.

These links have more details on the route I took:

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