Broad Peak & K2 Photographs
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Camp 1 at 19,000'

This album is of my climb on Broad Peak. I reached 21,000' or Camp 1 on Broad Peak then I left early after I contracted a severe bug on the trek in that absolutely destroyed my strength. I felt the safe decision was not to push myself higher and get into trouble but to return home where I could seek better medical attention to resolve the problem. I was seriously ill from food poisoning I believe.

BP is often called "easy" in the sense that there is almost no technical climbing (e.g. vertical walls). However there is always avalanche dangers plus the biggest challenge is that Broad Peak actually has three summits. Many climbers who claim they have summited Broad have actually only attained the fore-summit. It is another hour, more or less, across a clean ridge that allows climber to claim the true summit at 26,407.

We found it challenging. One climber from another team died near the summit from dehydration and exhaustion plus another climber from another team had to be rescue from a crevasse. The route is usually set with a fixed line from the glacier and higher.

The Karakorum Gallery is a series of pictures of my climb on Broad Peak (26,401') and the plan to make a good effort on K2 (28,250'). Both mountains are located in northern areas of Pakastan.