Broad Peak & K2 Photographs
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Trekking the Baltoro Glacier

The Baltoro Glacier is one of the longest glaciers outside the polar region. It is about 50 miles long. It has everything you expect from a glacier: tall seracs, deep aqua pools of melting water, fast streams, rocks, boulders and movement. Oh yeah, lots of ice as well!

We took 5 days to trek from Askole to Broad Peak base camp with stops at Paiju, Urdukas, Ghoro and Concordia. The hiing was strenous being the route was never smooth and went up and down the glacier.

The rugged peaks that line the Baltro are beyond words. It is a who's who of mountains: Great Trango Tower group, Nameless Tower, Mitre Peak and of course Broad Peak, K2 and the Gasherbrum Group can be seen from Concordia.

The Karakorum Gallery is a series of pictures of my climb on Broad Peak (26,401') and the plan to make a good effort on K2 (28,250'). Both mountains are located in northern areas of Pakastan.