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This "Viewpoints" section is devoted to Alan's opinions, experiences and ideas about business often inspired by his climbing. Currently there are six short pieces plus another three on climbing. I will post more in the future so please check back
Management covers ideas about managing people, partners and business.
Leadership is about the lessons learned in climbing and how I apply to them to business, including the use of humor and meetings.
Career focuses on how, or if, to successfully change jobs and politics in the workplace

These stories are my opinions based on 20+ years in the high technology industry and strongly uses my experience in climbing big mountains. I hope you enjoy them! Please let me know.

To get started, here are my favorite business links on the web:
Daily business and market news
  • Wall Street Journal: only site worth the on-line subscription fee
  • CBS Market Watch: best up to the minute market information
  • CNBC: good overall business site with decent portfolio tracker. Has lost some luster over the years.

Business magazines, newspapers and web sites
  • Forbes : Conservative monthly with good reporting
  • Fortune : One of the best Monthly magazines. Excellent original work with matching research.
  • Business Week : Weekly magazine that does fly-bys on hot topics
  • The Economist : A European view of the global economy. Excellent insight and credible reporting.
  • Financial Times: London financial newspaper
  • New York Times: It's the New York Times.....
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