Cats and Dogs

Dogs are great. They have unique personalities, bond with people and are very, very loyal (well some breeds). I grew up with beagles, doxens and of course a very special Lhasa Apso. This guy was bred to guard INSIDE of Tibetan Monasteries. On my travels in Nepal and Tibet, I became aware of another breed that captured my imagination, the Tibetan Mastiffs who were bred to guard outside the Monasteries.

Nimue and Ciaran Cai, shown below, protects Joanna, Maeve and Paul Verweij in the Netherlands. Please visit the Tibetan Mastiff site - Paul and Joanna can be found on the Breeders page. Some additional info can be found here. Also here, for an excellent brief history of the breed.

Preston was my best dog ... friend. He saw me through a lot and I still miss him. I'll add his picture one day to this site. But for info on the Lhasa Apso breed, please click here. He was not a "fu-fu" dog, I kept his coat cut short and never showed him. He was a family friend not a show piece.

Finally, while I grew up with dogs, a couple of very special cats came into my life - Mimi and Max. They changed my view of cats. They are very, very special.
Nimu a Tibetan Mastiff